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Community Lending Loan Program

First National has an internal group specializing in the purchase and servicing of special assets. We can help you reduce the risk of carrying special assets in your portfolio. Our loan purchasing programs are effective for banks of all sizes seeking to refine their segment or concentration strategies or to increase liquidity. 


Lending to special asset owners and operators for over twenty-five years, the First National team understands the business of golf and the business of portfolio management. We are a nationally recognized investment and due diligence firm concentrating on special asset loans, so we are well positioned to help you with loans in specialty asset classes.


Whole Loans and Portfolios

First National can purchase any type of special asset loan you have in your portfolio, including those to Golf, Hospitality, Assisted Living, and Fuel Service Centers, as well as those to other special asset developers. We will consider loans on properties anywhere throughout the continental United States. We have the ability to offer competitive pricing on a whole loan or portfolio basis.



First National can work with you on a cooperative underwriting basis to assist your institution and your client where the need is present, to help them finance or refinance their special related assets. This would provide you with the opportunity to service your client’s needs by providing the financing of a unique risk asset class.


Impaired Assets

First National has an internal group of experienced specialized asset operation advisors that can assist in the handling of defaulted or delinquent loans; working with court appointed trustees, attorneys, and accountants to manage impaired loans to special assets. Our experts can help you at any stage, including valuation, golf course properties, offering reasonable workout options, proposing realistic debt re-structuring alternatives, providing loan servicing, and managing the debt and fund distribution.


Loan Servicing

In addition to our role as a lender, First National services its loans. Because we are well acquainted with the nuances of particular asset classes, we are happy to offer specialized loan servicing to other institutions. Our programs can offer you a cost-effective alternative to in-house servicing and help you provide enhanced customer service.


Advisory Services

We can also assist you in evaluating potential lending opportunities. Call First National to augment your in-house knowledge base. You can trust us to deliver a thorough, pragmatic, and realistic assessment of the special assets and revenue streams the facility can generate.

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