Golf Course Commercial Loans And Financing

For Every Stage of Ownership

First National offers golf course financing for every type of golf course operation. Because of this, we are able to finance every aspect of a club’s needs; from the purchase and acquisition of land, new golf courses or clubs, to construction, renovation and remodeling, as well as refinancing of an existing golf course. We are the preeminent lender to golf course owners with decades of experience behind us.

We finance golf clubs that regularly invest in their golf course property to improve profitability, make facility improvements and identify new growth opportunities.

Golf Land & Property Acquisition

First National has golf course financing loans to buy new golf course properties and acquire raw land. First National provides financing to purchase new golf courses and to acquire raw and for construction.

Golf Course Construction​​

Construction loans for new golf courses and facilities is available with First National's mortgage financing.

Golf Course & Club Renovations

For existing golf and country clubs, a mortgage loan is ideal for golf course renovation, improvements, and repair.

Refinance Existing Golf Course Loans​

Current golf course facilities may qualify for a refinance loan to reduce the costs of their golf course and clubs.

Membership Financing

Offers members a way to finance their initiation fees and club dues, First National may be the right partner for you.

Future Golf Course Expansions

First National provides golf course loans to expand golf course properties and acquisition of raw land to add a new course.

First National Offers the Best in Golf Course Financing

Golf Course Construction
To-be-built Courses
Land and Property Acquisition
For Existing Golf Properties
Refinance Existing Golf Course Loans
Existing Golf Clubs
Club Membership Financing
For Initiation Fees
Facility Renovation and Expansion
Clubhouse Remodeling

Golf Course Financing for New Construction

One of the benefits of working with a specialized lender such as First National is that we are experts in the business of golf course financing and loans for new golf courses. 

We understand the potential revenue streams and particular debt requirements of a new golf course facility. First National provides golf course loans for the construction of courses, clubhouses and facility improvements.

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Flexible Golf Course Acquisition Loans

First National understands the business of golf and golf course financing. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to value facilities realistically. We assess the real risks of a golf course, making loans based upon cash flow from operations as well as land value. Golf club loans are our business.

Because we know the nuances of golf course operations and make our own loan commitment decisions, we can execute programs more quickly and with greater flexibility than traditional lenders or larger institutions.

Golf Course Renovations and Club Improvements

First National refinancing programs have been effective for golf courses all over the country, enabling them to increase working capital for renovation and repairs, make general improvements, replace equipment, or simply consolidate debt. Above all, we make loan decisions in-house, and close loans efficiently.

Golf Membership Financing Through First National

Golf Club Membership Financing

We want to see golf course owners achieve their goals, and First National offers golf course financing of initiation fees for private club memberships. These are structured as consumer loans through the club, with a repurchase agreement by the club originator.

Golf Course Refinancing at Competitive Rates and Terms

Through First National’s CapitalAdd Program you can finance capital expenditures within the terms of a refinance or acquisition mortgage loan, allowing you to get started with your improvements immediately and on the road to increased revenue quickly. Funds for improvements such as a clubhouse expansion or renovation, the purchase of new maintenance equipment, an irrigation system overhaul, or upgrading locker rooms may now be financed at long term mortgage rates.

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Excellent Service Continues Even After the Loan Closes

We hold and service all our golf course loans so you will always have direct contact with your lender. When questions arise regarding increased availability of funds for expansion, early debt retirement, or subsequent acquisitions, First National personnel will be your contacts: to serve and help your business grow.


With over 30 years of experience if golf course financing, Jerry Sager and the team at First National are experienced and ready to help you, contact us for more information for complete the adjacent form.