Golf Course Acquisition Loans

Purchase a Golf Course or Club Property

Golf Course and Club Financing

First National golf course acquisition loans are available for large and small golf course and club properties nationwide. Success depends on having the right lender to work with you throughout the buying process as well as after the loan closes. First National is the trusted lender to the golf club community.

Acquiring a golf course takes years of expertise. Fortunately, the First National banking team is the best when it comes to assisting borrowers with buying a golf course or club. We finance on stabilized properties and businesses with the ability to historically document income. Revenues should be consistently trending upwards with courses residing in strong demographics and economic communities.

Club Membership Lending

Increasing the number of the golf course and club memberships are among the most important factors that lead to a golf course’s success and profitability. First National wants to help. We offer direct golf club member loans and financing for private, semi-private and private membership courses. Strong sponsorship and management are required.

Short-term Bridge Loans

For borrowers unable to historically document income, or require non-traditional financing, First National provides bridge loans for golf courses and clubs. 

woman playing golf on the new golf course

Golf course acquisition financing from First National is the first step to success. View other successful Selected Transactions.

Golf Course Purchasing is a Team Effort

First National is an excellent long-term partner when it comes time for the next stage of improvements. For example, remodeling or renovating an existing golf course or club facility, purchasing, and upgrading equipment and even enhancing club technology. First National views our clients as long-term partners in success. Many of the top golf courses and clubs in the United States trust First National Bankers to handle their golf course construction and renovation loans.
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