First National Hospitality Programs

First National provides financing for both flagged and boutique hotel and resort operations with proven occupancy rates that result in sufficient cash flow to support the newly anticipated debt level. We will provide financing to hospitality operations located within the continental United States. On a limited basis, and under specialized circumstances First National will provide financing for destination off-shore resorts.

Lending to hospitality is a directed asset class that Fist National focuses upon. With the ability to underwrite and service all of its hospitality loans First National provides the borrower an advantage of dealing with experienced bankers.

Asset Types

Full-Service Flagged Hotel

hotel crop square

First National finances the entire hotel operation. We look at hotels as an ongoing operating business and include furniture and fixtures as well as equipment in our finance analysis.

Destination Resort


The seasonal nature of the resort finance arena creates special analytical issues for Lenders. We understand this asset class well along with the myriad revenue generators for destination resorts.

Student Housing


Residential university housing is an asset class containing unique cash flows. Campus life at most colleges revolves around the quality of student housing.

Inner-City Boutique Hotel


The nature of hospitality for inner-city development is demographically, historically focused. First National has a focus group directed at boutique hotel operations.

First Nationals Hospitality Financing Suite

Plus Other Financing Available In the Areas of