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Hotel Property Acquisition

Hotel Property Financing

For Commercial Hotel and Resort Development Projects

Acquisition Financing for Commercial Hotel and Resort Development

Hotel property financing of hotels or resorts is a selected focus for First National Bankers. Our mortgage lending programs are designed for a number of projects including land and property acquisition for hospitality projects – large and small hotels, motels and resorts, as well as inner-city boutique projects. After due diligence stages are completed and approved, the purchase or acquisition of property can kick-start the first step of the development project.

Complete Project Financing

Once the land or property is acquired for the new project, First National continues to support the project from construction to completion. When you secure hotel property financing loan with First National’s property and raw land financing program, our team will directly service the loan in-house to ensure all needs are met even after the loan closes. 

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First National has completed a number of hotel and resort projects. See just a few of our previous Selected Transactions.

Buying a hotel property is a simple process when all of the documents are ready for evaluation. Our 4-step loan process can help to ensure the partnership with First National is goes as smoothly as possible. The goal is to make the land and property lending experience positive for all parties. Understanding the stages and steps clearly may expedite the process significantly. First National lending experts have decades of commercial mortgage lending experience in many industries. Partnering with First National will help you or your clients meet their goals quickly and complete their projects in a timely manner.

As soon as the resort or hotel land is acquired, the next step is either construction, renovation or repair of the property. Contact a First National Banker banker to discuss the resort and hotel property financing options that may be available.

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