About the First National Team

First National is a principal lender with an experienced team knows the business operations of special assets. With over twenty five years of specific underwriting experience, our specialists know all aspects of running a successful operation, which may at times include food and beverage operations, equipment, memberships, and hospitality revenue. We are experts in golf course financing, franchise financing, hospitality financing, and assisted living financing. First National implements every stage of special asset financing, from valuation through due diligence and to closing.



The First National team of independent appraisers knows how to value every aspect of specialized asset properties and facilities. Appraisers are scattered around the Continental U.S., and all are specific asset specialists. All team members are MAI designated appraisers, and in addition, several are members of specialized asset appraisal groups such as the Society of Golf Course Appraisers.


Underwriting Team

With backgrounds in commercial and real estate banking, the First National underwriting team pragmatically conducts due diligence reviews. Because the group knows the business of Golf, Hospitality, Assisted Living and other specialized assets, their thorough analytics include a review of a facility’s currents business operation, but also take into account regional demographics and local market scenarios. In the years of underwriting the group has been responsible for a portfolio of loans that include Golf, Assisted Living, Destination Resort and Hospitality, Convenience Stores, and Residential Golf Communities. 



First National’s attorneys are experts in special asset financing and commercial properties.  Their experience in these asset classes helps borrowers navigate through the process of loan application and funding. They are knowledgeable about the demands of running successful operations, as well as state and municipal regulations and specific legalities which can affect an owners borrowing potential.


Advisory Group

The First National advisory group has assisted several commercial banks in the evaluation of specialized asset related loans, and has also served to augment banking in-house departments in evaluating special asset originations and workouts. As experts in this asset class, the team can deliver an independent, realistic assessment of revenue streams from a banking viewpoint.

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