Commercial Aviation

Are you in the airline business and need financial support to elevate your operations to new heights? We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the aviation industry. Our tailored financial solutions can assist your airline in achieving its objectives.

Why Choose Us for Your Aviation Financing Needs?

Tailored Financial Solutions

We offer flexible financial packages specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of airlines. Whether it’s fleet expansion, infrastructure development, or operational enhancements, our loans are customized to suit your business requirements.

Competitive Interest Rates

Our competitive interest rates ensure that you get the funding you need without compromising your profitability. We provide transparent terms and work with you to find the most suitable repayment schedule.

Industry Expertise

With years of experience in commercial lending and a dedicated team well-versed in the aviation sector, we understand the nuances of the industry. Trust us to provide insights and support unique to your airline business.

Quick Approval Process

Time is crucial in the airline industry. Our streamlined application and approval process ensure that you receive funding promptly, enabling you to seize opportunities and address urgent needs.

Our Loan Offerings:

Fleet Expansion Loans

Secure funding to upgrade or expand your fleet with our competitive loan packages.

Infrastructure Development Loans

Invest in maintenance facilities, or technology upgrades with our tailored financing solutions.

Equipment Financing

Finance the purchase or leasing of aircraft, engines, avionics, and other essential equipment.

Excellent Service Continues Even After the Loan Closes

We hold and service all loans so you will always have direct contact with your lender. When questions arise regarding increased availability of funds for expansion, early debt retirement, or subsequent acquisitions, First National personnel will be your contacts: to serve and help your business grow.


With over 30 years of experience of financing experience, Jerry Sager and the team at First National are experienced and ready to help you, contact us for more information for complete the adjacent form.