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Franchise Financing Programs

This specialty finance is limited to certain operations that are primarily focused on the food industry. While First National will finance both construction and refinancing of existing locations, our commitment to this asset class is limited to those locations within major metropolitan markets. Preference is given to free standing operations as opposed to those stores located within another structure. Multiple locations financings receive a high degree of attention along with operations within interstate highway rest areas.

National Franchise Lending

– Free-Standing Food Service

– Interstate Highway Fuel Oil


– Retail Center Special Flag Exceeding 100,000 Sqft

Types of Financing


First National provides financing to qualified and experienced operators when they are purchasing existing operating franchises. The franchise acquisition must be the same the borrow is currently operating. 


Construction financing is provided for nationally known, new franchise locations within proven demographic markets. Construction loans to CofO are provided for periods not to exceed eighteen months.


Capital to refurbish existing profitable franchises is provided to experienced operators. Refurbishment financing is provided as a construction loan that converts to permanent financing upon completion.

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