Golf Course Construction Financing

For Construction, Renovation and Remodeling Projects

Golf Course Financing for Qualified Clients

Golf course construction loans are available through First National’s golf club lending program. Whether a client needs to build a golf course from the ground up, or requires renovation or remodeling of the existing property, we have options for all stages of construction. 

Building a golf course requires expertise and specialization as well as access to the most experienced builders possible. Golf course and clubhouse construction financing starts by speaking to a First National Banker. We will discuss the project’s needs, lend our expertise, and discuss finance requirements to begin the due diligence process

Since golf course construction loans are one of the most common lending projects that First National undertakes, we have the highest standards and expectations. Property owners are expected to have proven project success and an adequate level of experience managing golf course facilities and/or clubs. 

Complete Project Lending

Golf course construction, renovation and remodeling requirements vary depending on the project scope. In addition to the construction of a golf course or clubhouse, construction loans can be used to develop other on-site facilities that enhance the member experience. For example, the golf course project may include plans for additional on-site facilities such as a tennis shop, health and fitness rooms, and even meeting space. First National offers expertise in comprehensive golf course, clubhouse and country club construction, expansion and renovation financing. 

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Golf course construction projects funded by a First National via a golf course construction loan. View other successful Selected Transactions.

Long-Term Client Relationships

First National is an excellent long-term partner when it comes time for the next stage of improvements. For example, remodeling or renovating an existing golf course or club facility, purchasing, and upgrading equipment and even enhancing club technology. First National views our clients as long-term partners in success. Many of the top golf courses and clubs in the United States trust First National Bankers to handle their golf course construction and renovation loans.
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