Hotel & Resort Refinancing

Lending options for hotels and resorts

Hotel & Resort Refinancing

First National offers competitive refinancing and bridge loans for large and small hotel and resort projects. 

Commercial refinancing through First National is often done to improve a financial position to lower finance rates, improve credit quality, or in response to more favorable financing options. Hotel and resort refinancing can also be done if the hotel property is at risk of being in distress. Debt restructuring is often the solution. At times, hotel refinancing includes some investment of hotel or resort property improvements.

Complete Project Lending

Being eligible for First National’s hotel and resort debt refinancing means there is room for improvement in a current debt repayment structure. To analyze whether current loan costs can be improved, take a long look at the following:

  • What type of business debt is it? This might include equipment financing, invoice factoring, invoice discounting, and overdraft facility.
  • What is the current outstanding balance?
  • What is the required monthly loan payment?
  • What is the projected pay off date?

Consulting with a First National Banker will determine whether the project could be a candidate for our hotel and resort refinancing loan or a short-term bridge loan. After all, lowering a debt obligation is the overall goal.

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Refinancing loans can give the hotel property a fresh start. Check out other First National’s Selected Transactions.

Client Relationships are Important to First National

First National is not only the lending source we also service the loans after close. Because of this, clients can be assured that the First National team will provide continuity of service now and in the future. We view clients as partners in long-term success. That’s why the top hotel and resort businesses in the nation rely on our expertise and client services.

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