Emerging Developer Funding

Our Collaborative Approach Empowers You to Execute Projects Confidently.

Tailor your financing journey with First National, where we harness diverse programs to meet the specific needs of qualified emerging developers. In a spirit of collaboration, First National goes the extra mile by offering competitive terms, ensuring regulatory compliance, and establishing robust oversight frameworks for developer financing. This empowers emerging developers to concentrate on project execution with confidence.

Developer Financing Process

Initial Consultation

Engage in a conversation with a First National banker to discuss the emerging developer’s goals, experience, and the proposed project.

Portfolio Presentation

Compile a detailed portfolio showcasing the entity’s or senior staff’s relevant experience in housing development. Highlight successful projects and emphasize the expertise of the team.

Eligibility Assessment

First National’s eligibility criteria for developer financing meticulously considers the specific requirements of having previously developed, owned, or operated comparable projects.

Customized Financing Proposal 

First National provides developer financing aligned with the emerging developer’s needs. This includes loan amounts, terms, and conditions tailored to the specific requirements of the project.

Financial Viability Presentation

Clearly present the financial viability of the proposed development. Offer detailed financial projections, cost estimates, and a solid business plan to demonstrate the project’s ability to repay the financing. Upon receipt, First National conducts a thorough vetting and review of the data.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure a thorough understanding and adherence to all regulatory requirements associated with development. First National’s legal team proactively addresses any compliance concerns.

Collaborative Oversight Framework

First National requires a collaborative framework for project oversight for emerging developer funding. This encompasses communication channels, reporting mechanisms, and strategies for addressing challenges during the development process. 

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Due Diligence

The financial due diligence process involves a comprehensive examination of a company’s financial records, performance, and position to assess its stability and potential risks. It aims to provide First National with insight into the financial health and viability of the business before making an investment decision.

Selected Transactions

Our Selected Transactions showcase successful loans provided to emerging developers, highlighting the effectiveness of our tailored financing solutions.