New Construction Loans

Elevate Your Projects with First National's Financing Solutions

Elevate your construction projects with First National, a principle lending partner, for comprehensive construction financing solutions within the banking industry. Backed by a robust track record, we offer personalized support and competitive rates, bringing unparalleled expertise and reliability to your project financing needs.

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Ground-Up Construction Loans

Ensure a solid foundation for your project by securing our Ground-Up Construction Loans. From land acquisition to the final certificate of occupancy, we handle internally every aspect of financing, providing a seamless and efficient lending experience.

Speculative Construction Loans

For those embarking on projects with the intention of selling upon completion, our Speculative Construction Loans offer the necessary funding for speculative ventures. Benefit from our internal underwriting, decision-making, and thorough due diligence to optimize the financing terms for your project.

Owner-Builder Construction Loans

Take control of the construction process with our Owner-Builder Construction Loans, designed to provide financial backing for owner-driven projects. We handle the entire new construction loan process in-house, ensuring a tailored and efficient financing experience.

Multi-Unit Development Loans

Confidently undertake multi-unit projects with our specialized Multi-Unit Development Loans. Whether it’s apartment complexes, condominiums, mixed-use commercial, or other multi-unit structures, we offer comprehensive financing solutions to meet the unique needs of your development.

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First National offers a range of new construction financing solutions designed to elevate your projects. With a strong track record in the banking industry, we provide personalized support and competitive rates to meet your financing needs. From Ground-Up Construction Loans to Speculative Construction Loans and Owner-Builder Construction Loans, we handle every aspect of financing internally for a seamless experience. Trust First National as your lending partner for comprehensive solutions tailored to your construction endeavors.