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Enabling Marinas to Thrive: Direct Lending by First National

First National understands the diverse financial needs of marinas and is committed to supporting their growth and success with marina funding to qualified borrowers. Our primary lending solutions can provide the necessary capital for marinas to undertake infrastructure development, equipment purchases, and other essential improvements. First National is dedicated to empowering marinas to thrive by offering comprehensive financial support for their unique business requirements.

Marina Capital to Achieve Growth

Marinas Have Unique Financial Needs

First National offers comprehensive support for marinas, including infrastructure development and equipment upgrades to enhance facilities. Additionally, they ensure environmental compliance, undertake maintenance and repairs, and facilitate expansion and renovation to meet customer demands and ensure safety.

Infrastructure Development

Building or upgrading docks, piers, and other infrastructure to accommodate more boats or enhance the overall facilities.

Equipment Purchase

Acquiring or upgrading equipment such as boat lifts, fuel pumps, maintenance tools, and safety gear.

Environmental Compliance

Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations by investing in eco-friendly practices or implementing pollution control measures.

Maintenance and Repairs

Undertaking regular maintenance and repairs to keep the marina in good condition, ensuring safety and attractiveness to customers.

Expansion and Renovation

Expanding the marina’s capacity or renovating existing structures to meet growing demand or improve customer experience.

Marina Funding Loan Process

At First National, our loan procedure is tailored to effectively evaluate the financial stability of borrowers, specifically in the context of marina financing, while also reducing lending risks. Moreover, it provides a transparent and structured approach to meeting the unique financial needs of both marinas and individuals involved in this industry.

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