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Financing Solutions for Facility Expansion, Renovations, Staffing, and More

Assisted Living Facility with Staff and Residents

The Principle Lender to Assisted Living Facilities Nationwide

As a principal lender, First National is dedicated to supporting the diverse needs of assisted living facilities by offering tailored financing solutions. With our flexible and competitive financial products, we provide funding to assist in various aspects, including facility expansion, renovations, staffing, technology integration, and more.  

It’s important for assisted living facilities to carefully assess their financial needs and work with financial professionals to determine the most suitable financing options based on their specific goals and circumstances. In addition, we offer direct financing for golf courses, hotels, and franchises. Just reach out; we’re a phone call away.

Funding For Success

Assisted Living Facilities Have Unique Financial Needs

Our team understands the unique challenges of the ALF industry and works closely with facilities to ensure they have the financial resources needed to enhance resident care and meet operational goals. Specifically, such as:

Facility Expansion or Construction

Assisted living facilities may require financing to expand their capacity or construct new buildings to accommodate more residents.

Renovations and Upgrades

To maintain a high standard of care and comply with regulations, assisted living facilities may need funds for renovations, improvements, or upgrades to facilities and equipment.

Staffing Costs

Financing may be necessary to cover the costs of hiring and retaining qualified staff, including caregivers, nurses, and administrative personnel.

Working Capital

Like any business, assisted living facilities need working capital to cover day-to-day operational expenses, including payroll, utilities, and supplies.

Debt Refinancing

Facilities may consider financing options to refinance existing debts, potentially securing more favorable terms or consolidating multiple loans.

the due Diligence Process

At First National, thorough due diligence is integral to our lending process. Our team meticulously reviews loan applications, assessing financials, credit, and collateral to gauge risk and repayment ability. This informs customized loan terms, balancing borrower needs with risk mitigation.

The Loan Process

First National’s loan process is crafted to efficiently assess borrowers’ financial viability and minimize lending risks. Furthermore, it offers a clear and organized way to fulfill the financial requirements of both businesses and individuals.

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Assisted Living Facilities with Staff and Residents