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Empowering Franchise Growth with Franchise Funding Options

Franchise Financing Solutions First National

Tailored Franchise Funding Options for New Franchise Ventures

Recognizing the multifaceted financial requirements of franchise businesses, First National provides customized franchise financing solutions tailored specifically for new franchise locations. Get franchise funding for, not only franchise fees, startup costs, and working capital but also the essential elements of franchise development, such as securing real estate for operations of newly built units and acquiring all necessary store FF&E. 

The specific franchise financing needs can vary depending on the type of franchise, industry, and the terms set by the franchisor. 

Empowering Success With First National's Franchise Funding Options

With flexible franchise financing options, we empower franchisees to realize their business goals and ensure the success of their franchise ventures through comprehensive support for new locations and the operational necessities that accompany them. 

Franchise Fee

Most franchises require an upfront franchise fee to obtain the rights to use the brand, business model, and support services. This fee is a significant initial cost.

Startup Costs

Beyond the franchise fee, there are often additional startup costs. This may include real estate, leasehold improvements, equipment, inventory, signage, and initial marketing efforts.

Marketing and Advertising

Franchises often contribute to national and local marketing and advertising funds. Financing funding may be needed to support marketing campaigns and promotions to attract customers.

Renovations and Upgrades

Over time, a franchise may need to renovate or upgrade its physical space or equipment to stay competitive or comply with brand standards.


If a franchisee wishes to expand by opening additional locations or acquiring more territory, financing may be necessary to fund the expansion.

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The Due Diligence Process

Our team meticulously reviews loan applications, assessing financials, credit histories, and collateral to gauge risk and repayment capacity. This allows us to customize loan terms for franchise startup funding requirements, ensuring a balance between meeting borrower needs and effectively managing risk.

The Loan Process

First National tailors its franchise financing process to efficiently assess the financial viability of borrowers in the franchise business sector and mitigate lending risks. Furthermore, it offers a transparent and structured approach to fulfill the financial needs of franchise entrepreneurs, ensuring clarity and organization throughout the financing journey.

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