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Hospitality Financing Options for Acquisition, Expansion, Renovation, Upgrades and More

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The Principle Lender for Hotel Funding Options Nationwide

First National stands as a dedicated hospitality partner, offering direct lending support to hotels seeking to undertake the acquisition of new properties, the construction of new hotels, and the renovation of existing properties. Our commitment extends to providing the essential backing for strategic initiatives such as technology upgrades, fostering sustained growth and success in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

Our dedication is evident in our commitment to understanding and addressing the diverse financial needs of resorts, hotels and motels. We provide tailored solutions that specifically cater to various funding requirements, ensuring that hotels have the financial resources needed to thrive in a competitive market.

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Tailored Financing Solutions: Essential for Hotel Owners and Operators

The specific hotel funding options will vary based on the hotel’s size, location, market segment, and business strategy. Hotel owners and operators need to work with experienced bankers that fully understand the unique needs of their business initiatives.

Property Acquisition or Construction

Financing is often needed to purchase land, build a new hotel property, or acquire an existing one.

Renovation and Upgrades

Hotels may require funds for renovations, remodeling, or upgrading facilities to enhance guest experiences and stay competitive in the market.

Expansion or Franchise Opportunities

Financing can support the expansion of the hotel chain or exploring franchise opportunities in new locations.

Selected Transactions

Unlocking Opportunities: First National's Selected Transactions and Extensive Financial Support

As a direct lender, First National offers a variety of significant loans to eligible borrowers, showcased through our Selected Transactions. These transactions provide only a glimpse of the comprehensive financial assistance we provide.

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Pronghorn Resort

The Loan Process

At First National, our loan process is crafted to assess borrowers’ financial stability while mitigating lending risks. Additionally, we offer a transparent and organized framework for addressing the financial requirements of both businesses and individuals.

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Secure Hotel Growth Capital From the Nation's Premier Principal Lender

Access the essential capital for hotel expansion from the country’s leading principal lender, facilitating the growth and success of your hospitality business. First National also offers financing for assisted living facilities, golf courses, franchises and office building development. See the most recent selected transactions by First National.

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