Property Lending Solutions

Explore First National's Commercial Lending Solutions for Qualified Buyers

As the principal lender, First National presents a comprehensive real estate financing options and a portfolio of property lending solutions. Our expertise extends to facilitating the expansion of healthcare services or supporting the establishment of new golf courses, showcasing the pivotal role lending plays in shaping diverse sectors of the economy. 

Over 40 Years of Underwriting & Servicing Expertise

With our commitment to internal underwriting, decision-making, and thorough due diligence, we stand ready to tailor property lending solutions that precisely meet the unique needs and aspirations of businesses across various sectors.

Lending for Your Business Growth

Purchase and acquisition of land, new golf courses or clubs, construction, renovation and remodeling, and refinancing an existing golf course.

Read more about First National’s golf course financing programs.

Qualified financing for new construction, facility acquisition, expansion and refurbishment, modernization of existing operations. 

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Finance inventory purchases, acquisitions, and expansion of facilities, and invest in advanced technology.

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Lending to cover franchise fees, startup costs, equipment, and inventory needs.

Read More About Franchise Financing

Funding for property acquisitions, finance renovations, new construction, and secure working capital.

Read more about Hotel and Hospitality Financing

Lending for expanding, or renovating facilities, construction of new facilities and the implementing innovative technologies.

Read more about Hospital and Clinic Financing

Infrastructure development, acquisition, and construction of new facilities.

Read more about Marina Financing

Purchase or construction of buildings, renovations, or expansion.

Read more about Office Building Financing

Secure prime real estate for development, fund construction and tenant improvements

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