The First National Team

Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Mortgage Lending and Business Financing

First National stands as a distinguished principal lender, equipped with an experienced team well-versed in the intricacies of commercial mortgage lending and business financing operations. 

Top Commercial Lending Firm For Over 40 years

Boasting over forty years of specific underwriting experience, our specialists possess comprehensive knowledge spanning various facets of real estate. This includes expertise in financing solutions for golf courses, hospitality ventures, assisted living facilities, mixed use commercial, residential, large commercial warehousing and much more. From valuation to due diligence and closing, we handle every stage of commercial mortgage lending and business financing in-house with precision.

MAI Appraisers

Our selected team of approved appraisers at First National is strategically positioned across the Continental U.S., specializing in valuing every aspect of commercial mortgage lending and real estate financing. All team members hold the prestigious MAI designation, and many are members of specialized appraisal groups relevant to specific asset classes. Their expertise ensures accurate and comprehensive assessments that form the foundation of our financing solutions.

Underwriting Team

The First National underwriting team, comprised of professionals with backgrounds in commercial real estate and development, conducts thorough due diligence reviews. Leveraging their profound understanding of various industries, including Golf, Hospitality, Assisted Living, Retail, Hospitality, Warehousing, and more, the team surpasses traditional financial analytics. Their comprehensive reviews not only evaluate current business operations but also consider regional demographics and local market scenarios.

Advisory Group

The First National advisory group has played a pivotal role in evaluating new opportunities for clients of the First National.  The advisory team has expertise in demographics, capital structure, business operations and competitive analysis to assure a client’s success in a new venture.  From equity to long-term capital debt the advisory team will assist in structuring.

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